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What are other people saying about working with Dr. Irene Lara?

"I can’t believe how much everything feels so much better in my body.

That was phenomenal.

I feel that quiet seismic “Something’s different.

Thank you . Holy Shift!"

Fereshta Ramsey

(Belief release)


“That really worked. You’ve got talent. I really felt a difference.”

Pamela W.

(Belief release)


“I appreciated our Leaps & Bounds Clarity session so much that I invited her to train my team.” JoJo B.



“I wish I could walk around & wear you around me neck.”

Melissa A, PhD Candidate, MBA

Testimonial 3/12/22 Re: Belief Release

"I was able to let go of certain things that i couldn’t let go (of before). And I was able to find answers."

Rumi G

3/4/22 re: Fear Release

"My session with Irene was extremely powerful and began instantaneously as we spoke about the process and began the work in releasing all kinds of emotional pain that my body has been holding on to for so very long. Together we found my root issue of what I would call compounding traumas. She took all the time and considerations that were needed in the moment and remained a steady, supportive witness and facilitated my healing with grace and compassion. They say, healing is an offering and you only need to accept this gift and participate whole heartedly. That I did, and together we did some deep and profound work within only an hour’s time. Amazing. Among other beautiful things, I am left with a renewed hopeful energy and more courage with the now supportive and positive focus that has come to shield me from old stories to keep me on my better path of embracing all of me and more of life with bravery. I am so very grateful for this healing experience. I so needed this."

Candice Leon

Follow up 3 days later:

"I’m feeling better and better! My medical doctor who originally wanted to perform surgery said there’s nothing to remove! Haha! No surgery needed anymore. I attribute that to our healing session."


"Hello  Dr. Lara,

I’ve been thinking about you. I just want to thank you so much not are you a great therapist but a great human being , i miss our sessions and although its been a long time and we have been through so much, your advice and guidance has helped me and my kids tremendously...

You taught so much because of it , I have incorporated it into our daily life and we’ve been able to breathe!"

B. Cuev

"You're heaven sent, all your hard work is evident. You're really good at what you do, I'm blessed."



"I wanted to thank you so much for your help and let you know that you’ve helped me sort through some things that I needed to work through and it has made my daily life better. So, thank you!"

Edith P.


"See that's what I mean you have an amazing perspective on life, very thought provoking, I hope I'm not out of bounds, but I sense your words/ compassion are not just clinical, that's one of your many great traits!"  

P. G.

"So freaking grateful you’re in my life!"

A. M. 

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